Tango Friends

Daniel Arias - teaches regularly in Los Angeles. Visit his Facebook page

Yuliana Basmayjan - co-founder of LA Tango Academy, runs the monthly Milonga Querida. Visit the Facebook page for Milonga Querida or the website for LA Tango Academy

Makela Brizuela - runs the weekly Practica Electrica in Venice and offers classes on the Westside. Website: Makela Tango

Moti Buchboot - teaches occasionally - Website: Organic Tango/Tango Gravitas

CalTech Tango Club - runs the monthly milonga on Fridays in Pasadena - Website: Caltech Tango Club

Michael Espinoza - runs the Friday weekly milonga in Westwood - Website: Tango Elegant

Vladimir Estrin - created the Tango Afficionado/Tango in LA website - Website: Tango Afficionado

Ilonga Glinarsky - runs the monthly Milonga @ LAX and the weekly milonga at Hacienda Hotel. Website: Living Tango

Shesha Marvin - runs Atomic Ballroom in Irvine, with weekly practicas on Wednesdays and Fridays, a milonga on Sundays, and classes and workshops. Website: Atomic Ballroom

Fioretta Mino - offers tango clothing and accessories - Website: Tango with Love

Oxygen Tango - run by Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry, offers weekly practicas on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, a monthly milonga on Saturdays, and a whole lot of classes in Mar Vista - Website: Oxygen Tango

Isabelle Pampillo - offers tango classes on the Westside. Website: Isabelle's Dance Academy

Quantum Tango - Stephen Bauer and Debbie Edwards host tango events on Mondays and Tuesdays in Ojai and Ventura, respectively. Website: Quantum Tango

Marcos Questas and Ruta Maria - run occasional milongas and teach in Los Angeles and Orange County - Website: Marcos Questas and Ruta Maria

Ronaldo and Eunha - create the radio show Tango Angeles on every other Wednesday, accessible via the Internet. Website: Tango Angeles or visit the Facebook page for Tango Angeles

Sonata Room - Brandon Kwae runs this dance center which hosts the monthly Milonga Sonata. Website: Sonata Room

The Tango Room - Julie Friedgen and Angel Echevarria run the Tango Room, a site which hosts, among many other things, the Saturday night milonga El Encuentro - Website: Tango Room Dance Center

Tango San Pedro - Silvia Askenazi with Annie Appel runs Tango San Pedro, offering the weekly Practica Porteña, monthly Milonga Porteña, classes, and occasional workshop with visiting instructors; all this, and rotating art exhibits too at the site's home of Gallery 381 - Website: Tango San Pedro

John Tice - runs the monthly Milonga El Rincon in Downey. Visit the Facebook page for El Rincon

Linda Valentino - offers classes and runs multiple events, including Tuesday's Tango Mio - Website: A Puro Tango