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Franciso Canaro

Francisco Canaro - Bailando Tangos, Valses y Milongas

Bailando Tangos, Valses Y Milongas - Although there is some repetition with La Melodia de Nuestro Adios (a common problem when buying tango CDs), there are still a lot of great tracks to recommend this album, especially the valses and milongas.  Among those are milongas Milongon, Reliquias Porteñas and La Milonga de Mis Tiempos; and the valses Corazon de Oro and Desde el Alma.

Francisco Canaro - Desde el Alma

Desde El Alma - More Canaro goodness, unfortunately including repetition in the title track.  Also in the album we have an excellent version of Uno as well as Cada Vez Que Me Recuerdes and Canaro version of Nido Gaucho, Bajo el Cielo Azul and Trenzas.

La Melodia de Nueso Adios - This favorite album contains a lot of great songs, including the title track, La Melodia de Nueso Adios, Pampa, Retintin, Pescante and more. Fidelity is pretty good too. Even without our undying love of Canaro, this album would be and is highly recommended.

Roberto Firpo

Roberto Firpo - Tangazos de Antaño

Tangazos De Antano - This album has lots of really old school, old guard classics in the light Firpo style, including A Media Luz, Vea Vea, and the vals Atardecer Campero.

Roberto Firpo - Tangos y Valsecitos

Tangos y Valsecitos - This album has some nice valses on it, including Hacia Ti Va Mi Alma, Noches de Frio and Suenos Florido.

Francisco Lomuto

Francisco Lomuto Coleccion

Coleccion 78 R.P.M. 1931-1950 - This album has so many great classics, including Nunca Mas, Tarde, Solamente Ella and Quiero Verte una Vez Mas. Also, and very nicely, the fidelity is very good. Highly recommended!

Orquesta Tipica Victor (OTV)

Orquesta Tipica Victor

Coleccion 78 R.P.M. 1930-1944 - Some very good songs, including Don Juan, Adios Buenos Aires and Ventarron. However, fidelity is only acceptable–the most common problem with tango music.

Other Artists

There are other Old Guard Artists for whom we have great respect and appreciation, but we do not yet have CDs to recommend.

Julio De Caro

Juan D'Arienzo

Juan D'Arienzo - Sus Primeros Exitos vol 1

Sus Primeros Exitos 1935/40 Vol 1 - Some good songs with good quality ansfer.

Alfredo De Angelis

Alfredo De Angelis - Los Duos de Carlos Dante y Julio Martel Vol 2

Los Duos De Dante Y Martel vol 2 - De Angelis is probably best loved for his valses. Here are some of his best, including Sonar y Nada Mas, Pobre Flor, and Flores de Alma. Note that the description on Amazon doesn't indicate that this album is Volume 2, but it is--at least when I ordered it a few years ago. If you don't use the link to order, make sure it's Volume 2 that you're buying!

Carlos Di Sarli

Carlos Di Sarli - 20 Temas Instrumentales

20 Temas Insumental - Lots of great songs here, including A la Gran Muñeca, Comme il Faut, El Ingeniero, Organito de la Tarde and Champagne Tango. Highly recommended.

Edgardo Donato

Edgardo Donato - Coleccion 78 R.P.M. 1933-1941

Coleccion 78 R.P.M. 1933-1941 - If you only get one Donato CD ever in your life, it would be a mistake. If you need your first one, this is it. Wonderful, incredible classics, including El Acomodo, Mi Serenata, Sinfonia de Arrabal, and Se Va La Vida. Highly recommended!

Osvaldo Pugliese

Osvaldo Pugliese - Ausencia

Ausencia - Great CD with great fidelity featuring some great songs, including Farol, Mala Junta, Nochero Soy, Pasional, Remembranzas and La Yumba. Highly recommended!

Osvaldo Pugliese - Instrumentales Inolvidables

Insumentales Inolvidables - Another very good CD. Not completely without repetition from Ausencia, it nonetheless contains some really good songs like Recuerdo, Tierra Querida and Tiny.

Quinteto Pirincho

Quinteto Pirincho - Las Milongas Mas Milongas

Las Milongas Mas Milongas - Masterful milongas by Quinteto Pirincho (with Francisco Canaro) and Roberto Firpo. Normally we recommend against compilation albums, but this one is an exception.  If you need a fast hit of some light and fun milongas, this is a good place to start.

Enrique Rodriguez

Edgardo Donato - Coleccion 78 R.P.M. 1933-1941

Tangos Con Armando Moreno - Rodriguez is an underrated master of music. Here you find some great songs, including La Vi Llegar, Tabernero and Suerte Loca.

Two things to note about nuevo and especially alternative: 1. Sometimes you will only get one danceable ack on an album. While all the music may be good for listening, it's not necessarily good for dancing. Be sure to check out the music as much as you can before buying! 2. Lately, some music is only easily available as a download. Be aware!

Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou - Anthology

Anthology - Haris Alexiou sings what is frequently referred to as "the Greek tango." While there are other versions of the song, Alexiou's Tango tis Nefelis (Nefeli's Tango, or Tango to Evora) is by far our favorite.


Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony

Inquisition Symphony - Apocalyptica is a classically-oriented cover band of Metallica songs. So far, we've only found one song of theirs suitable for dancing--but it's so incredible it might just melt your brain. The song is "Nothing Else Matters," and it's one of the best alternative songs for tango. It's so good we think it justifies purchasing the whole album.


Bajofondo Tango Club

Bajofondo Tango Club - Their first album. An excellent beginning!

Bajofondo - Supervielle

Supervielle - Lots of smooth nuevo songs on this one. Highly recommended!

Bajofondo - Mar Dulce

Mar Dulce - A new direction and a name change, from Bajofondo Tango Club to simply Bajofondo. Nonetheless, tango dancers have not been forgotten. Two incredible tracks for dancing on this.

Bajofondo - Presente

Presente - Perhaps new tango bands get bored with new tango music for dancing after a while. A good, fun album, but with no tracks suitable for dancing.

Gotan Project

Gotan Project - La Revancha del Tango

Revancha Del Tango (Bonus CD) - Gotan Project's first CD. Lots of good tracks, but... Some of them have been used in television commercials. We can't get the commercials out of our heads when we're trying to dance! A strange and unexpected dilemma, to be sure.

Gotan Project - Lunatico

Lunático - Their second CD, and highly underrated. Quite a few very nice tracks. Highly recommended!

Gotan Project - Tango 3.0

Tango 3.0 - Gotan Project continues to push the bounds. While there are some nice tracks for dancing, the CD's most notable feature is its first track, Tango Square, which manages to combine two genres that are already brothers: Argentine Tango and the Blues.

Club Secreto

Club Secreto - Club music with some tango elements. This one is a complete change in direction, and not in a good way. Not good for listening; definitely not good for dancing. I'm so, so sorry, guys.


Melingo - Santa Milonga

Santa Milonga - Melingo has a lot of albums out, with a lot of duplication between albums. This one is our currently recommended album, as our previously recommended album is being shown as unavailable. Nonetheless, this album does have a high concentration of dance-worthy songs.

Carlos Libedinsky and Narcotango


Narcotango - The first album. Maybe the best, maybe not, but definitely great without question. Highly recommended.

Narcotango 2

Narcotango 2 - The second. More great, smooth songs that remind you that tango is emotion given motion. Highly recommended.

Narcotango Vivo

Narcotango Vivo - Live, interesting versions of some of the most popular songs. Some danceable tracks.

Narcotango LimanuevaNarcotango Limanueva

Narcotango Limanueva - All right for listening, but not really for dancing.


Cuenco - The move to "jazz tango" is complete. Not for dancing; okay for listening.

Otra Luna

Otra Luna (Carlos Libedinsky & Rosana Laudini) - This one snuck out under our radar; not reviewed yet, but sampled. The samples sound nice, but not sure on whether it had danceable tracks.

Otros Aires

Otros Aires

Otros Aires - Their first album. A very good start

Otros Aires - Dos

Dos - An easy name for a second album. About on par with the first.

Otros Aires - Tricota

Tricota - This is Otros Aires breakaway album. Most of the tracks are danceable and a lot of fun. If you only get one Otros Aires album, this is the one to get!

Otros Aires 4

Otros Aires 4 - Very innovatively titled. Some nice songs, but nowhere near the heights of Tricota, alas.


Tanghetto - Emigrante

Emigrante - Tanghetto has been perhaps the most active of the Tango Nuevo bands. Nonetheless, this, their first album, is by far the best.

Tanghetto - Progressive Tango

Progressive Tango - The latest, just out in June 2015.

Milonguero (Deluxe Edition)

Milonguero (Deluxe Edition) - They just can't stop!

Mas Alla Del Sur

Mas Alla Del Sur - And another.

Miedo a La Libertad

Miedo a La Libertad - And another.

Narcotango 2

Incidental Tango - And another.

Tango Lorca

Tango Lorca - Mujer Sola

Mujer Sola - Tango Lorca's first and currently only album, this one will surprise and delight you. Highly recommended!